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Sad story of how James Atkinson died from severe allergic reaction to Deliveroo pizza he ordered



James Atkinson, a 23-year-old graduate, died unexpectedly after experiencing an unusual response to a pizza delivery he had ordered from a store in Newcastle.

According to reports, James and his housemates used the food delivery service Deliveroo to place orders from a Dadyal in Newcastle, his preferred restaurant, where similar orders had been placed in the past.

Unbeknownst to James, cooks had switched an ingredient that day to a powder containing peanuts, according to an inquiry.

He was sent to the Royal Victoria Infirmary, where he passed away at 9.21 p.m., barely over an hour after consuming the pizza.

Stuart and Jill traveled from Leeds to be by his side, but it was too late for them to say goodbye. He may have had anaphylaxis, they were warned.

The pair have urged for clearer allergy displays ahead of a pre-inquest review into his death, which begins tomorrow at Newcastle Coroner’s Court.

‘We’d like to see a simple system where it pops up with a tick box before you place the purchase – do you have an allergy, yes or no?’ Stuart told the Sunday Times.

‘If you select “yes,” the system will direct you to call the eatery. Information about allergies is usually kept secret. It must be stated clearly.’

To safeguard others, Jill also underlined the importance of “a clear, comprehensive list of ingredients on every item on a takeout menu and a sticker on the takeaway box identifying the allergies it includes.”

‘We’ll never know if it would have saved James, but it’s possible,’ she continued.

According to the BBC, Dadyal owner Gulfam Ulhaq claimed his employees were ‘in shock’ after learning of James’ death.

A cross-contamination notice on the restaurant’s Deliveroo page at the time noted that all meals might contain traces of peanuts.

‘He was eating supper with a number of his flatmates in Newcastle, where they lived,’ his parents said in a statement following the event.

‘We didn’t even get a chance to say our goodbyes before his heart stopped beating.’ He died alone, without his mother, father, or relatives.

‘He was a bright young man who had studied computer science at Newcastle University.

‘How could this have happened to him when he was always so careful? There will always be a hole in our hearts without James.’


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