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Orion Thomas Death – Sad Demise Of 4-Year-Old Boy



A report that made its way to social media has it that a 4-year-old boy identified as Orion Thomas has sadly passed away.

Orion’s was confirmed in a video shared on Facebook by Nick Ja’zaiyah Rock with the headlines: Crazy and sad story I think the best friend should be held responsible for the little boy’s death RIP O‘Rion Eugene Thomas.

The short clip which explained what really happened states that Orion died at his dad’s friend’s house.

From the clip, Nick started by saying it is his job to bring awareness anytime a young child loses his life.

He continued…

On March 3rd, Orion’s Mom went to Vegas, before leaving town she dropped Orion’s with two other kids off with their father, things seem to be going well.

On March 5th, Orion’s dad took him to get a haircut after the haircut, Orion’s dad took him and his two siblings and dropped them off at Orion’s mom’s best friend’s house. Her best friend lived with her sister and mother.

Later that evening on March 5th Orion’s mom got a phone call it was her best friend that was calling, she asked Orion’s mom if her son got Ashma and she replied by telling her no.

Orion’s mom asked if everything is ok, her friend replied yes and asked if her son sleeps all day usually and Orion’s mom said no and told her to wake him up.

According to Orion’s mom her best friend never called her back after that but during that phone, her best friend’s voice was somehow panicking. Shortly after the conversation, Orion’s mom got another phone call but this time it wasn’t from her best friend it was from her best friend’s sister. The sister said she want to inform her that her baby boy was being rushed to hospital but tragically Orion died before even made it to the hospital.

He had no pulse when the Paramedics were called.


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