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Eastern Cape ANC Election: Oscar Mabuyane re-elected



Oscar Mabuyane has been reelected chairperson of the Eastern Cape branch of the African National Congress for the second time.

After receiving over 812 of the 1,477 ballots counted at the election on Monday, he was re-elected.

Meanwhile, Oscar Mabuyane has stated that he is opposed to government reshuffles.

In an interview with the Mail and Guardian, Mabuyane, the province’s premier, disputed allegations that defeating Madikizela, the MEC for public works, would inevitably result in the MEC’s dismissal from the cabinet.

“You don’t just wake up and conclude [that a rearrangement is necessary] because you disagreed yesterday.” It has its own pace and method. That problem is immaterial from my vantage point; it doesn’t even come up.”

After winning party elections, it’s fairly uncommon to see allies immediately replaced by opponents in government posts.

On the margins of the conference, Mabuyane spoke to M&G on being nominated to return as province chair.


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