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Mitchell Faircloth AKA Slim Whittle, Punter To Punter Legend Is Dead, Cause Of Death Revealed



A true comedy pioneer – the fab Mitchell Faircloth aka Slim Whittle has sadly passed away. Circumstances surrounding his sad demise have not been made known to the public at the time of filing this report.

Slim Whittle, the multitalented actor, musician, visual artist, and writer best known as his alter ego country singer and horse racing analyst, died in Melbourne on April 29, 2022.

A post made by Anton Bonnici through his official Facebook page confirmed the passing of Slim Whittle.

The post read:- Sad to hear the news of the passing of Mitchell Faircloth aka Slim Whittle. We used to go on a Sunday night to the Comedy Cafe in Carlton to see the Whittle Family with Slim, Tracey Harvey aka Tammy Whittle, and Gary Adams aka Uncle Jack Whittle. They were great fun playing “alt-country” before it became a thing. Gosh, that was 40 or so years ago. These guys rose through the RRR ranks and became Melbourne celebs in their own right with shows like Punter to Punter and a string of TV and radio gigs. Really sad news. RIP slim! Farewell to a Melbourne treasure. I still have a 45 I bought from one of their shows.

Mitchell is most remembered for his role as ‘Slim Whittle’ on ‘Punter to Punter,’ a pioneering radio show broadcast on 3RRR on Saturday mornings throughout the 1980s, in which he co-starred with Tracy Harvey, Tony Rickards as “Con Marasco,” and John Rothfield as “Dr Turf.”

His range of abilities is much broader, including songwriter, musician, illustrator, and scriptwriter for Tonight Live with Steve Vizard and The Gillies Report, as well as acting roles – most recently with Hugo Weaving in Measure for Measure in 2019 – and running for federal office as an independent candidate.

Trevor Marmalade was also included on the Punter To Punter CD. There was The Whittle Family before that. Slim Whittle is responsible for the current state of Melbourne comedy and sport in comedy (with Punter to Punter).

Mitchell Faircloth was a cartoonist, as well. He has been drawing equestrian cartoons since 2002 and has never missed a week: he has over 10,000 equine drawings to his credit.


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