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Slain Hillary Gardee’s burial to hold on Saturday – Family reveals



Family set to bury Hillary Gardee, the daughter of former EFF  Secretary-General, who was shot in Mbombela on Tuesday, and her family wants to bury her.

According to a statement from the family, Gardee died after being shot in the back of the head, and a post-mortem on her body indicated a gunshot wound to the skull.

“This information came out of a post-mortem autopsy,” the EFF party’s spokesperson Sinawo Thambo said on Tuesday. Hillary’s head was shot in the back and the bullet was extracted. That’s how we found out she’d been shot in the head. The wounds on her skull were assumed to be the result of being beaten. We are grateful to the forensic team for bringing this to our attention since

The young lady went missing on Friday last week, and her corpse was discovered in Nelspruit by employees on their way to work.

She was discovered in the exact clothes she was wearing when she went missing, with injuries on her head, according to the authorities.

Mourners are still gathering at her residence in Mbombela.


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