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Bucy Radebe’s Manager & Husband Thapelo Thoboke Releases Statement, Explains What Happened Between Him & Dr Rebecca Malope



After days of bashing on Social media, Bucy Radebe’s manager and husband Thapelo Thoboke have publicly apologized to gospel singer, Dr. Rebecca Malope following the incident that happened at Sun City Superbrowl.

The apology came through a statement he released a few hours ago made available to Latestnewssouthafrica.

Rebecca was reportedly mistreated by Bucy Radebe’s manager and spouse Thapelo Thoboke at the Sun City Superbowl over the weekend, according to reports.

Through her official Twitter page, Dr Rebecca went on to say that she was upset and had never witnessed such rudeness in her life.

Her tweet read:- “I am so hurt, I’ve never experienced such disrespect as I did last night. I thought I’d be fine this morning but I’m not ok. South Africa, please pray for my heart to be mended”

However, entertainment blogger Musa Khawula recently released a message claimed to be from Bucy Radebe’s manager and spouse, in which he apologizes to Dr Rebecca Malope and explains what transpired.

Read Excerpts From The Statement Below:-

“The best way to describe this situation is that there was a misunderstanding which resulted in this matter being blown out of proportion the way it has. I wish to state the following for this record. I communicated with the management of three feature artists, one of them being Dr Rebecca Malope on the week of 19-22 April 2022 where I clearly articulated our vision on the approach of all feature songs which included the attire to be worn by Bucy on the set where the artists would be featured.”

“The unfortunate incident between me and the manager of Dr Rebecca Malop’s manager which was because of changes in the song approach which I was not informed of, unfortunately, reached Dr Malope’s ears as she was in close proximity to ears being prepared to go on stage.”


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