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Instagram Influencer, Monica Karungi AKA Mona Kizz Dead by Suicide, Jumped Off Al Fahad Building In Dubai (Video)



Instagram influenceuse, Monica Karungi AKA Mona Kizz Dead by Suicide, Shocking Video Showed The Moment She Jumped Off Al Fahad Building In Dubai

The shocking news that surfaced the social media a few days ago has it that a popular Ugandan Instagram influencer, Monica Karungi known through her IG page as Mona Kizz has taken her own life.

Mona Kizz was reported to have committed suicide by jumping off a hotel building in Dubai, United Arad Emirates.

In the suicide video which has circulated all over social media, the 23-year-old woman who has over three thousand followers on her Instagram was spotted standing on the last floor of the hotel tower before throwing herself off the building, she died on spot after the crash landing.

She suddenly releases go of the window in an instant and leaps frantically from her floor. Mona Kees rolls through the air amid panicked shouts from bystanders before landing with a jarring thud on the hard asphalt surface below, breaking both her legs awkwardly.

Her family has yet to release a comment, and it is unclear whether foul play was involved in her death. One of the reasons for her not being given the job she was promised when she arrived in the nation is that she was born in July of 1998.

This has been a widespread problem in the UAE, a country known for its human rights breaches, with individuals from impoverished nations being recruited for extremely low-wage work and then not being given the meager wages they were promised.

A quick scan through Mona Kizz’s  Instagram account revealed that was a lady who lived a posh lifestyle and was not afraid to flaunt her half-naked figure. She gives no indication that she is distressed or despondent.

Her passport data that surfaced online showed that she was born in Isingiro District, Western Uganda.


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