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Did Dr OZ Get Shot To Death? – Few Things You Need To Know!



Did Dr. OZ Get Shot? Is He Dead or Alive? These are some of the few questions people are asking all over social media and we are about to clarify them in this article.

Earlier this month, precisely on May 2, 2022, a Twitter user shared a text message she got claiming that Dr Oz was shot to death and asked her followers to get their CBD.

The Fake message alert the Twitter user shared went with the headline “…Breaking: America Mourns Dr OZ, Shot to Death in Broad Daylight in Lower Manhattan Today”. The message further states that his estate has quickly decided to give out free samples of his revolutionary CBD gummies.

The question is message really true or mere rumors from rumor mongers.

Is Dr Oz Really Dead, Was He Shot?

Following our thorough checkings, we have come up with the true fact that Dr Oz is very much alive and doing well. The whole misinformation about his death emanated from rumor mongers who run clickbait sites.

The news of his death surfaced online After a text message went viral across all social media channels, many people believed Dr. Oz was shot and killed.

Senate Run: Dr OZ Dropped By The Columbia

The TV doctor Mehmet Oz was a few days ago dropped by Columbia amid a pro-Trump Republican Senate run.

For more than seven years, the prestigious New York institution has defied calls to break ties with Oz, a heart surgeon who has used his television platform to promote drugs ranging from worthless diet pills to sham Covid treatments.

That changed this year, according to the Daily Beast, after Oz, 61, declared his campaign for the Senate seat left by Republican Pat Toomey.

According to the Beast, Oz, who is a buddy and disciple of Donald Trump, who has sponsored him, no longer has personal pages on the website of Columbia’s Irving Medical Center, where he had held key positions such as director of surgery and director of integrated medicine.


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