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Lady cries out as her six-year fiancé dumps her & marries someone else



A Twitter user who was abandoned by her lover after six years of dating has taken to the social media platform to vent her frustrations.

The young girl, who appears to be Nigerian and goes by the handle @ObiaEbere, went online to bemoan her losses after her six-year fiancé deserted her and married another woman. When she logged on to Facebook and saw their wedding photos, she said she discovered the full truth.

She stated that she has been an unhappy lady since her fiance proposed to her last year, placing a beautiful ring on her finger, only for this to occur.

She had no clue what was happening on until one fateful morning when she got into Facebook. She subsequently discovered that her sweetheart had married a woman called Karo on April 19, 2022.

This broke her heart since she had not expected it because she had stated that she had been with the man three days before to the hair-raising experience.

The distressed woman wrote on Twitter:

“I just found out my 6 year fiance was married on the 16th, and I was with him 3 days before he got married, and I just found out on Facebook this morning that he was married, I have never felt so much agony in my life.”

“I phoned him and he denied it, so I’ll have to fly to Warri as early as 6 a.m. just to be sure. He requested that I not come to his place and instead wait for him somewhere else. He took time off work to come visit me, but he still told me he wasn’t married.”



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