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Boksburg night house fire: Two toddlers confirmed dead



On Thursday night, tragedy struck a family home in Boksburg when two unfortunate twin babies died as a result of a tragic house fire incident.

According to reports received by the City of Ekuruleni on Friday morning, firemen rushed to the scene of the fire incident on Thursday night, when the fire had already consumed the whole structure.

With buckets of water, neighbors attempted all they could to put out the fire.

The unfortunate children who died in the tragedy were a 15-month-old boy and girl who were certified dead at the scene.

“The mother stepped out of the shanty to attend to some other matters in the main home, leaving the two children with the lit candle,” William Ntladi of Ekurhuleni emergency services said.

Members of the public notified her to the fact that a hut has been burning.

The situation has been turned over to the South African Police Service, who were there at the time and will be conducting additional investigations.”


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