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You Are Creating Lies To Become Famous – Lady Du Fires Big Xhosa, He Replies Back



Lady Du and controversial rapper, Big Xhosa have engaged in a heated social media fight after Lady Du accused him of telling lies to become famous.

Lady Du had a few hours ago called out Big Xhosa, accusing him of telling lies to become famous.

In a series of tweets made by Lady Du, she revealed that she has never spoken to a promoter before for her set and has never been late for her gigs.

Can someone ake bimg Xhosa famous so he can stop creating lies to become famous? It’s sick and disgusting nje to even see how he’s willing to go to the lowest level. I’ve never ever spoken to a promoter before my set I have a road manager 2 I’m never late for my gigs! Ask any1.

Replying to the Uzuma crooner, Big Xhosa criticized Lady Du for spreading lies about him calling her out to alter her attitude in response to her claims.

In a series of tweets, he wrote:- “Lady Du don’t play the victim. FIX YOUR ATTITUDE. It’s not my fault you were a shitty person to me. U not that important to me for me to spread lies about you. Now you making me look like a bully while you are the shitty one here.”

The two performers are said to have gotten into a furious disagreement over a performance slot at a show. This arose when Big Xhosa said that Lady Du performed in a slot that was supposed to be reserved for him, resulting in him not performing at all.


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