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Breaking News: South African Police makes shocking recovery of stolen copper cables in Devland near Soweto



In Devland, near Soweto, police have discovered a big number of copper wires that were likely stolen.

The recovery took place at one of Soweto’s largest scrap yards.


According to sources, all electricity suppliers have been summoned to the location of the incident, including CityPower Jhb, Eskom SA, Prasa, and other government agencies.


Copper theft has been a recurring criminal activity in South Africa for several years, resulting in several deaths and the loss of valuable government property. In January, police launched an investigation into the death of an Eskom contracted security officer who was shot dead after he and six of his coworkers foiled a copper cable theft attempt at Eskom’s Customer Network Centre in Klipspruit, Soweto, on Tuesday.

The seven security officers were driving out of the facility to return to their duty at the Mapetla substation when they were fired at by at least 30 “heavily armed individuals” in the early hours of Tuesday morning, according to sources.


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