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Toro Bill Jr death: Mexican wrestler died after a show at the Arena Puebla, What killed him



On social media, details about the circumstances surrounding the tragic death of Toro Bill, a prominent Mexican wrestler, have been spreading.

Toro Bill Jr, a Mexican wrestler, was said to have died after a show at the Arena Puebla.

After the bout against Asturiano and Millenium, the CMLL published the devastating news of his death on social media.

Toro Bill Jr., from the state of Puebla, was a prominent member of the national pancracy.

“CMLL expresses its condolences to the fighting family following the tragic loss of boxer Toro Bill Jr., who had a distinguished career at the Puebla Arena. We send our heartfelt sympathies and support to his family and friends in this tragic loss. They issued a message on social media saying, “Rest in peace.”

When he walked through the arenas, great accomplishments were always anticipated of him since he was in charge of continuing with a hierarchy of Puebla fighters of the best caliber that had occurred throughout the state and throughout Mexico.

His last performance was at the Puebla Arena on Monday, April 15, 2022. The second bout pitted Asturiano and Millenium versus Toro Bill Jr and Prayer, with the first 50 children arriving for free because it was Mexican Children’s Month.

So yet, neither the CMLL nor the family has made any remarks on the subject, although local media stated that he died of a heart attack following the bout he had in Angelopolis.

Toro Bill’s history was defined by his participation in the imposing pair of the “Death Battalion,” which included King Apocalypse, two of the most feared Rudos of the Puebla Arena over the years.

He received over 900 “like” reactions and multiple comments on the CMLL’s social media platforms, indicating that he is one of the Mexican pancracy’s most popular athletes, both locally and across the country.

“Have a safe journey, brother!! Thank you for bringing passion to the fight and making it something special!! One of the most prominent comments in the magazine, which also included condolences to the family, was “rest in peace.”


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