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Renowned Singer, Deborah Fraser Down With Diabetes, Performs In Wheel Chair



Mzansi was in shock seeing one of their favorite gospel singer, Dr Debroah Fraser performing in a wheelchair.

After many months of her absence from the public, Award-winning gospel singer, Dr Deborah Fraser shocked her fans after she was spotted in an event performing but not standing with her two legs.

Many wondered what could have been the issue and others questioned her health status.

The singer has finally revealed that she is suffering from Diabetes and that affected her movement.

In a video that circulated all over social media, Deborah Fraser made it clearly known to the public that she was never acting and that she can’t walk.

I am not acting, I can’t walk’; she was heard telling people.

“It all started when I started vomiting uncontrollably and I lost my power,” the celebrity said in an interview with the Daily Sun. I haven’t been able to walk since then.”

She claims that her movement coordination is poor since she goes left instead of right when she wants to go right.

The Abanye Bayombona singer also said that she had been unwell and was hospitalized in February and March of this year.

She also told the outlet that things haven’t been easy for her and that she hoped her followers wouldn’t perceive her in such a negative light. She also noted that the performance in the video was a long time ago.

Even though she was in a wheelchair, she had to keep her word and perform.


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