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3 persons linked to Vanderbijlpark electricity substation explosion to appear in court



Vanderbijlpark police have detained two key suspects in the suspected explosion that blew up an electricity substation in the industrial city of Vanderbijlpark on Tuesday.

The three people involved, according to reports, are 33, 51, and a 34-year-old guy.

They were apprehended at the substation, where a security guard let them into the station before the explosion.

On Friday, they are scheduled to appear in the Vanderbijlpark magistrate’s court.

“The security officer who was monitoring the substation claimed that she was on duty when she opened for three guys who informed her that they were employed to work at the substation,” said Brig Brenda Muridili, a spokesman for the Gauteng police. She then heard a tremendous explosion at the substation, which she subsequently learned had been bombed.”

Police launched an investigation, which resulted in the arrests.

Two suspects are still on the loose, according to police.

“Gauteng is facing major issues with cable theft and damage to vital infrastructure, which contribute to part of the causes for power outages,” stated provincial commissioner Lt-Gen Elias Mawela.

These arrests demonstrate our commitment to working relentlessly with our stakeholders to address this problem.”



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