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Rick Ross Sends Shout-Out Message To Supportive SA Rappers



American rapper, Rick Ross after touring around Africa last week took time to send out a shout-out message to the South African rapper who has been supporting him from day one.

In a new video he shared on social media pages, the rapper mentioned the names of SA rappers he is giving a shout-out to.

From the video, he shared Rick Ross was heard saying “I want to finish shouting out my list of you know supporters from day one I won’t stop that for nothing, DA L.E.S, Priddy Ugly, Tsgego, Yanga Chief, Oscarmbo, much love to the squad,”

Rick Ross The Boss had previously sent out a shout-out message  DA L.E.S when he celebrated his birthday.

“I just want to send out a big congratulations to Da LES, I want to thank you for all the support you have shown on the Bleu bottles, the Villon, the McQueen, Bumbu, the list goes on I salute everybody that’s in Africa,” Said Rozay.


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