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Making A Career Out Of Hip Hop Is Becoming Hard – Emtee



South African rapper, Emtee says it’s becoming hard for both upcoming and established artists to make a career out of the Hip Hop industry.

The rap star stated this in a recent interview he had with Slikour on SlikourOnLife.

He also blamed the downfall of SA Hip Hop on the Covid-19 that hit so hard in South Africa two years ago.

According to him, the SA Hip Hop was on its point of hitting the Gold mine and becoming the biggest genre before the Covid-19 virus surfaced.

In his words while speaking about the South African Hip Hop industry during his interview with Slikour Emtee said:- “It’s becoming harder to make a career out of hip hop, From 2012 until 2020, hip hop was on its way to being you know, the biggest genre after COVID,”.

“I don’t wanna blame the pandemic, but let’s face it COVID killed hip hop because we are unemployed realistically speaking,”.

Emtee also vowed to save the industry from dying off. “Yoh, this is Emtee The Hustler, and I’m making a commitment to save hip-hop,” he said.


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