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Durban hit by a horrendous and heavy rain fall, buildings, parks, shops flooded, residents laments



Durban has been inundated by rain. Today is the most ridiculous of them all, with so much rainfall pouring down. There is water all over the place. Then there’s me, standing in the pouring rain, brushing the pooled water down a nearby drain in an attempt to prevent our warehouse from flooding – this from a Durban resident who described the city’s floods as “horrendous.”

A spectacular rescue in south Durban was carried out by paramedics and search and rescue officers who used a helicopter to pull four individuals from a rooftop.

According to Paul Herbst of Medi-Response paramedics, a chopper took off from the Virginia Airport and flew south through the rain and severe gusts.

“We conducted an airborne search and rescue effort in Durban South to find and rescue four people. A helicopter was used to find the family, and rescue teams were lowered onto the building’s top. Four people were hauled out of the area and sent to a safe location “he stated

For the better part of the morning, rescue activities have been underway around the city.


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