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Cedric McMillan Bodybuilder Is Dead, Cause Of Death Revealed



Information-making rounds the social media has is that popular Bodybuilder, Cedric McMillan has sadly passed away. According to a report from sources, the sportsman passed away at the age of 44 on April 12, 2022, due to cardiac arrest.

Cedric was an IFBB professional bodybuilder from the United States and a United States Army instructor. The Arnold Classic in 2017 was his most recent triumph.

McMillan is a renowned bodybuilder of the twenty-first century, with a classic physique that harkens back to the ‘golden age of bodybuilding rather than the bigger physiques of today.

McMillan was quite open about his earlier heart difficulties and near-death experience in 2021 when the sad news broke.

Sources claim Cedric McMillan had a heart attack while on the treadmill, albeit the circumstances have not been formally confirmed.

Due to health difficulties, the pro bodybuilder had been delaying his comeback to professional bodybuilding, but he was confident that he would be ready to compete again in 2022.

On August 17, 1977, he was born in Maplewood, New Jersey.

Cedric’s desire to be a bodybuilder began when he was a teenager, and he even designed comic characters with imposing physiques.

But it was Arnold Schwarzenegger, the 7-time Mr. Olympia superstar, who motivated him the most, especially after viewing Conan The Barbarian, which starred Schwarzenegger. [5]

He began exercising at the age of 13 when his mother purchased a weight set for him.

And it wasn’t long before McMillan discovered that he has exceptional genetics as well as a strong desire to bulk up.

McMillan joined the US Army after high school and relocated to South Carolina.

Soon after, he chose to compete in his first bodybuilding competition after being persuaded by a buddy (Mark Neil), who had assisted him in gaining a competitive edge.


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