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Thousands displaced in Lay Kay Kaw near Thai border after Myanmar’s Soldiers launched air strikes against rebels on Sunday



Residents in Lay Kay Kaw, a town close to the Thai border, have been displaced and are living in fear as a result of a Myanmar air raid on insurgents on Sunday.

According to reports, many residents of Lay Kay Kaw, a 20-kilometer village near the Thai border, escaped violence in December around the town, which has served as a haven for pro-democracy activists since the army seized control last year.


A Karen National Union (KNU) spokesman stated on Sunday that the army looked to be fortifying the region following Sunday’s violence, but he had not yet heard indications of further attacks on Monday.

“They haven’t made any kind of retreat. They’re increasing the number of troops they’re deploying “Padoh Saw Taw Nee, a spokesperson for the KNU, said the group’s forces killed 45 soldiers and lost two of its own fighters in the fighting on Sunday. During the combat, the rebels detained a captain from the Myanmar army, according to Public Voice Television, which has been sponsored by a shadow government established up since the coup.


The KNU has mostly controlled Lay Kay Kaw in recent months, but the army has attempted to regain authority at times, and violence erupted last December when forces attempted to arrest residents in the town.

The skirmishes on Sunday occurred when the KNU attempted to drive army personnel out of one district, according to Padoh Saw Taw Nee.



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