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“Brace Up for more crucial days ahead ” – President Zelensky urges Ukrainians



The war between Russia and Ukraine does not appear to be coming to an end anytime soon, as President Zelensky warns Ukrainians to expect more tense days ahead.

During an open media speech to the country, Ukraine’s 44-year-old president appealed to UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson for weaponry.

“Russian soldiers will advance to much greater operations in the east of our state,” he warned, adding that the following week will be as important as any in the conflict.

The president also stated that the success of his nation in defeating Russians as the battle swings south and east is dependent on whether the US will assist in matching a spike in Russian firepower in the regions.

“To be honest, whether we will be able to (survive) hinges on this,” Zelenskyy said via a translator in a “60 Minutes” interview that aired Sunday night. “Unfortunately, I am not optimistic that we will receive what we require.


Zelenskyy expressed gratitude to Biden for U.S. military assistance thus far but said that he had “long ago” given a list of particular goods that Ukraine urgently need, and that Biden’s reaction will be judged by history.


Zelensky stated, “He has the list.” “President Biden can go down in history as the man who stood shoulder to shoulder with the people of Ukraine as they won and chose their own nation. This, too, is dependent on him.”


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