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Nigerian Pastor Beaten Up By 3 Men In Soweto On Sunday While He Was Preaching Because He Impregnated Their Sister & Denied It (Photo)



A popular Nigerian pastor identified as Abi Adeleke based in Soweto, South Africa has received the beating of life from three for allegedly impregnating their sister.

According to reports, the three men stormed the pastor’s church in Soweto on Sunday, April 3 2022 while he was preaching and pounced on him.

Reports say the three men claimed the pastor impregnated their sister and refused to admit he was responsible for the pregnancy. The three men also said the pastor has refused a DNA several times.

The men said they will beat Abi every Sunday until he takes responsibility. Abi refused a DNA several times.

At the time of publication, it is unclear if Abi Adeleke has filed charges against the three guys who assaulted him.


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