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Am Ready To Put On The Wedding Dress & Ring – 85-year-old Woman Says As She Fall In Love With 25-year-old Man



An 85-year-old woman, Thereza has professed her love for his 25-year-old boyfriend and both have agreed to tie the knot.

The man identified as Muyiwa in an interview with Afrimax revealed that he fell in love with the 85-year-old granny when he was trying to further his education.

He also revealed how he met the woman and why he chose her over other women.

Thereza (85) is the landlord of the house Muyiwa and his pals rented, and their love story began there.

“I recall one Friday when my colleague wasn’t around, I was hungry, and we had no food,” Muyiwa said of how he fell in love with her. I was quite frail. And then the old woman appeared out of nowhere and handed me some food. She came and served me with an excessive amount of attention.”

“I was compelled to adore her because of the way she acted and treated me. Even if she is an elderly woman who may be my grandma, who cares? “I’m in love with her.”

“This is my joy, and this is my choice.” He went on to say, “Everyone has their own.

“Thereza is a mother of eight children and twenty grandchildren, and despite her children’s lack of support, she is willing to give up all for her newfound love.

“I’m 85 years old,” says the speaker. I am the grandma of twenty grandchildren and the mother of eight children. Based on his age, he may be my sixth grandchild. He is enamored with me, and I am enamored with him. She commented, “I’m ready to put on my wedding gown and ring now.”


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