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Louie Simmons Death – Ex American Powerlifter, Louis Simmons Is Dead



Louie Simmons Is Dead, What Happened To Him? It has been reported online that Louis Simmons best known as a former American powerlifter and currently strength coach has passed away at the age of 74.

The legendary powerlifter was reported to have died today 24 March 2022. Circumstances surrounding his death have not been made known to the public.

Reacting to his death boxing champ, Rob Pilger recalled the old good memories he shared with Louie.

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RIP Louis Simmons, I just can’t, man, you think people are immortal. Many will have many different things to say about him as he affected everyone differently, individually, he let me in his gym, for over 10 years.

He invited me over to his house to watch fights with him, and Doris, he would drive me home too, because I drank a lot of beer there.

He paid for the Westside Barbell Tatoo that’s on my back, he was gracious enough and trusted me enough, to do many YouTube vids with me, I was never a powerlifter, never pretended to be, our relationship was based on his love for fighting, he Drove me down to Cincinnati to spar one of his then MMA fighters Chris he was working within a cage.

Many memories, and many lessons watching and talking with him at Westside. Just a real dude, an original, doing it his way for life.

Few Things You Need To Know About Louis Simmons

Simmons became known for establishing the Westside Conjugate style of training and adapting it to powerlifting and other sports, as well as inventing various pieces of strength training equipment. Simmons founded Westside Barbell, a private, invitation-only top training facility in Columbus, Ohio.

In a 2016 podcast for Joe Rogan, he openly advocated the use of performance-enhancing pharmaceuticals to attain strength and muscle building goals, citing his own regular usage of anabolic steroids since 1970 “In January 1970, I began using anabolic steroids. So, what year is it, 2016? I’ve never gone without them.” “Taking drugs, as you can see, is not against the regulations. Getting caught with narcotics is against the law.”

Simmons is one of only five lifters in the world who has achieved complete Elite status in all five weight divisions in powerlifting. In several power-lifting groups, he totaled Elite.

For more than 50 years, Simmons participated in powerlifting. Over the age of 50, he squatted 920 pounds (420 kg), benched 600 pounds (270 kg), and deadlifted 722 pounds (327 kg). Over nearly four decades, he was Elite in five different weight divisions.


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