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Russia dares Nato, says “We have rights to press nuclear button”



Russia has warned Nato that if provoked, they have the right to deploy their nuclear weapons against Ukraine.

After Vladimir Putin’s spokesperson refused to rule out nuking Ukraine in the event of a ‘existential danger,’ the Russian deputy ambassador to the UN issued this ominous warning on Thursday.

‘If Russia is provoked by Nato, if Russia is attacked by Nato, why not, we are a nuclear power,’ Mr Polyanskiy said when asked if Putin was appropriate to hold the threat of nuclear war over the rest of the world.

‘I’m not sure it’s the correct thing to say.’ Threatening Russia and attempting to intervene is not the correct thing to do.

‘When dealing with nuclear power, you must, of course, consider all of the probable implications of your actions.’

Polyanskiy talked through an online zoom conference from Russia’s UN mission in New York, where President Putin’s portraits cover the walls.

He denied the US government’s formal accusation that members of Russia’s military forces committed war crimes in Ukraine.

He argued that footage depicting Ukraine’s cities reduced to ruins due to Russian airstrikes may be faked in between sips of lemon tea.

He also claimed that Ukraine is assaulting its own buildings and residents, which is absurd.

‘You think one thing, but I believe something another,’ he explained.


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