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Who is Kazeem Okanlomo, The doctor that delivered ‘Tembisa 10’ decuplets in Pretoria revealed



An independent media agency was allowed to look into the much-discussed Tembisa 10 infants born by a 49-year-old Sithole in June 2021.

Medical testing on the lady confirmed she had not given birth recently and was not pregnant, according to sources close to the story.

IOL has revealed who was involved and where Gosiame Sithole, the mother of the ‘Tembisa 10’ delivered her decuplets in the wake of a fresh claim from a Southafrican independent internet media site.

The article was first greeted with the joy it deserved, but it was quickly denounced as “fake news,” forcing Independent Media to initiate many inquiries into the affair.

Private detectives working independently, Independent Media’s investigative squad of journalists, and highly placed individuals with personal knowledge of the topic were all involved in the investigations.

Multiple sources led Independent Media to obstetrician and gynecologist Dr Kazeem Okanlomo, who is suspected of being involved in the delivery of Sithole’s decuplets, after following many leads.

The inquiry revealed that Okanlomo, who also goes by the name “Dr Okadingwa,” worked out of a clinic on the East Rand and other Gauteng hospitals, and that Sithole’s babies were born at Steve Biko Academic Hospital.

“Our inquiry took us to Okanlomo and Steve Biko Academic Hospital, and we suspect he was engaged in Gosiame Sithole’s prenatal and postnatal treatment.”



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