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Am Not Heartbroken – Nadia Nakai Finally Opens Up On Why Her Relationship With Vic Mensa Didn’t Last Long



South African female rapper, Nadia Nakai has finally opened up on why her relationship with her former lover ended abruptly.

In the last year 2021, the two made their relationship open after sharing loved-up pictures of themselves.

Well, in a recent statement, Nadia has made it clear that they are no longer together and she is not heartbroken.

Nadia revealed it ended shortly after she celebrated her birthday last year when speaking with Andile Ncube on one of the episodes.

She had previously expressed her dissatisfaction with their long-distance relationship, but things worsened when they didn’t communicate as frequently as they should have to owe to their busy schedules.

Nadia informed the Ghanian-born celebrity of the issue, but she became irritated when he claimed they’d talk about it later instead of attempting to improve themselves in order for the relationship to flourish and continue.

Andile was told by Bragga that she isn’t heartbroken since men aren’t important to her after her interaction with her absent father.

Andile advised she see a therapist, but Nadia isn’t ready to weep about her previous problems.

At the moment Nadia Nakai is in a relationship with AKA.


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