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Zingah Finally Opens Up On Why He Is Quitting Music Totally



South African rapper, Zingah has finally opened up on why he is calling it a quit in the music industry. According to the rapper, mental health issue made him end his music career.

Recall that Zingah had last week publicly disclosed that he is done with the music and the music industry totally.

While in a chat with Podcaster, Zingah revealed that Riky Rick’s death really hit hard on him.

“It is clear that it is a very unhealthy space on so many levels. Losing my friend gave me a very different perspective. There’s so much more to life than we are subjected to.

“The Riky situation definitely hit hard … seeing him do that made me realize that the dream we think we want actually just doesn’t matter. Real-life is more important, your mental health is important,” he said.

Zingah has been in the music industry for about 10 years and says that while he isn’t sure what his next step will be, he is looking forward to being allowed to live his life as he sees fit, including pursuing acting and other interests.

“After Cash Period, when the story was that I had fallen off, the chance to just be myself was what I cherished the most during the time that I took off.” I’m still undecided on my next course of action. I know I’m highly interested in going into the acting world; it’s something I’ve always wanted to do… “All I want to do now is live my life to the fullest.”


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