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Eskom warns of looming stage 6 load-shedding this week



This week,  state-owned electricity utility in South Africa Eskom has warned of looming stage 6 load-shedding.

The firm offered an update on the system problems it is encountering on Wednesday morning, saying they imposed stage 4 load-shedding from 9 a.m. on Wednesday until 5 a.m. on Friday.

If all goes according to plan, load-shedding will be reduced to stage 2 till Monday morning.

Jan Oberholzer, the COO of Eskom, apologized to residents for the detrimental economic effect.

If Eskom runs out of diesel and water this week, it may have to resort to stage 6 load shedding, the company said

Speaking further on the matter, the  Eskom’s head of generation, Philip Dukashe said the year will be tough for the company and the country, but they are working hard to address the problems.



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