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Zuma declares support for Putin following the recent invasion of Russian troops in Ukraine



Ex-South African President Jacob Zuma has expressed his support for Russian President Vladimir Putin in the wake of his country’s recent invasion of Ukraine.

Mr. Zuma believes that Vladimir Putin did not act inappropriately when he attacked Ukraine after being provoked.


According to TimesLIVE, Msholozi added that as a senior member of the African National Congress and committed to the emancipation of South Africans, he felt bound to remark on the situation between Russia and Ukraine.

According to Zuma, Putin has long been adamant against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization’s (NATO) eastern expansion into Ukraine, and as a consequence, Putin is rightfully concerned about the likelihood of a NATO-Ukraine alliance.

“Why is it so difficult to realize that Ukraine and Russia are divided just by a line on a map and not by the Baltic Sea?” Zuma enquired.

Zuma said, “When the United States of America feels threatened, they have a history of retaliating and stopping anyone who poses a threat.”

He went on to claim that if it hadn’t been for the intrusion of “Western force,” Russia and Ukraine’s problems might have been settled without the present escalation.


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