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The Linda Lindas have released their new song titled “Talking to Myself” (Stream Video)



The Linda Lindas, a Los Angeles-based punk rock band, has released a new song titled “Talking to Myself.”

Bela Salazar, Eloise Wong, Lucia de la Garza, and Mila de la Garza, all Asian-American and Latino, make up the all-girl ensemble.


Their most recent single is off their upcoming first album, Growing Up. The song is accompanied by a video made by Ryan Baxley and pays homage to the iconic Twilight Zone episode ‘Living Doll.’ Take a look at the video below.

In a statement, the band’s Lucia de la Garza noted, “The song is about the spiral you fall into when you’re lonely.” “You begin to doubt yourself and all of your previous judgments.”


I’m always thinking to myself, ‘Oh, I should have said this,’ or ‘Oh, I should have said that.’

But it’s also about the need for other people, not only for comfort but because we’ve all learned through the epidemic that you need to talk to other people to keep sane.”


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