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Kanye West buries Pete Davidson alive in a new disturbing cartoon music video



In a weird new cartoon music video, Kanye West buries Pete Davidson’s replica alive.

On the same day that the rich rapper attacks Kim Kardashian’s lover, she wins her legal struggle to be single. On social media, the popular video has been ridiculed for implying violence.

In the viral video, the 44-year-old singer used clay animation to create a sequence of violent images directed at the Saturday Night Live host.

The video was released only hours after a court declared his former wife Kim Kardashian legally single and granted her request to regain her maiden name in their protracted, nasty divorce, a decision Kanye had strongly opposed and fought for months.

‘God protected me from the crash, just so I can beat Pete Davidson’s a**,’ West rapped on the single, which he co-wrote with The Game.

Kanye abducted Pete in the video and placed a sack over his head before tying him up and dumping him on the back of an all-terrain vehicle in the clay-animated short.

Pete replica was then tied up in ropes and carried along the dunes before being buried alive with his head above the soil.

Before witnessing the flowers blossom, West’s parody grabbed a bag of rose seeds and poured them over Davidson’s head.

He then cut Pete’s flowers from his head and loaded them into the back of a pick-up truck that looked similar to the one he parked outside Kim’s house on Valentine’s Day.


‘Everyone lived happily ever after, except Skete,’ Kanye said at the end of the video, before striking out the name and adding ‘you know who.’

He rapped in the song, “We havin’ the finest divorce ever.” ‘If we have to go to court, we’ll go together.’ Pick up your sister, and we’ll head to Kourt’s together. Today, I sat with four youngsters for around five hours.

‘I wear these Yeezy boots everywhere, including today in the shower.’ I have feelings for nannies, but genuine family is preferable. Stop taking credit for the kids; the cameras are watching them.’


Many netizens who reacted to the viral video condemned West’s use of visuals to represent Davidson’s death, as well as the message he’s sending to Kardashian and Davidson with the video, urging that they both seek restraining orders against him.

‘I’m having a hard time supporting any Kanye stuff right now,’ one Instagram user commented. ‘I just can’t handle it any longer than he has a lengthy history of abusing women.’

West was ‘certainly going to be smacked with a restraining order for this one,’ according to one user, while another cautioned, ‘Someone need [to] stop this man before he commits a crime,’ according to another.


‘If I were Pete Davidson, I’d be really frightened for my life,’ one Twitter user commented. This is a clear and present danger. Kanye requires assistance, and Pete requires a restraining order.’

‘That #Kanye #Eazy video is scary,’ added another. This is emotional abuse, and the family will suffer greatly as a result. I was horrified, and I can only image what Kim is going through. He’s torturing her as a form of penance, and I hope people stop dismissing it as art.’

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