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School children In Moscow arrested and put behind bars for protesting against war (Photos)



In Moscow, children from primary schools have been detained as part of a widespread crackdown on anti-war rallies.

According to accounts, they instigated a claimed demonstration against their president’s decision to wage a deadly against Ukraine which has been ongoing since last month.

Since the battle began on February 24, the Kremlin has cracked down hard on anti-war protests, with human rights group OVD-Info reporting that almost 7,000 people have been imprisoned in 50 locations.

The photographs went viral after a Russian opposition activist Mr Yashin uploaded them on social media, showing schoolchildren in Moscow holding flags and flowers in the back of what he claimed was a police vehicle.

One girl is seen carrying a banner that reads ‘No War’ in Russian, as well as miniature flags next to a heart that reads ‘Russia + Ukraine = Love.’

Five children, aged seven to eleven, and their two moms were allegedly held when they traveled to the Ukrainian embassy building to lay anti-war banners.


A little girl can be seen weeping and asking, ‘I don’t understand.’ ‘Why are we sitting here?’ reports the Telegraph.

‘Many people don’t agree with her regarding the conflict,’ a lady can be heard saying out of view, before adding, ‘Everything will be OK.’

The children and their moms were finally released without prosecution, according to Russian media reports, but not before they were threatened with separation.


‘Nothing out of the ordinary: simply kids in paddy wagons behind an anti-war sign,’ Mr Yashin wrote on Twitter. Folks, this is Putin’s Russia. ‘You’re a local.’



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