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Zelenskyy urges civilians to create Molotov cocktails in order to attack Russia troops, lifts age restriction for army enrollment



The president of Ukraine has urged civilians to create Molotov cocktails in order to attack Russia and has lifted the age restriction for army enrollment.

Ukraine’s defense ministry has urged civilians to be cautious and prepare Molotov cocktails in case Russian forces invade.


Ukraine’s defense ministry issued a message on Twitter asking inhabitants in Obolon, a northern area of the capital Kyiv, to be vigilant, stay indoors, and report any movement of Russian troops or military equipment to the government.

Meanwhile, Russian forces have surrounded Kyiv, Ukraine’s capital, and Zelensky has requested assistance from Europeans “with combat expertise.”


After a series of bombings on cities and military posts, Russia extends its attack in Ukraine to the gates of Kyiv, in an invasion that threatens to rewrite the post-Cold War global security system.


Before dawn, the sound of explosions shook Kyiv, and gunshots were heard later near the government quarter, as Western leaders convened an emergency meeting and Ukraine’s president pleaded for international assistance to prevent an attack that could topple his democratically elected government, kill a large number of people, and harm the global economy.



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