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What happened to Zoe Bethel Aka Zosobe : How did Miss Alabama died, age, wiki, cause of death explained here



It is shocking to learn that Zoe Bethel, a former Miss Alabama has died following a tragic accident on February 10th, 2022.

Reports gathered so far said she was reportedly involved in a terrible deadly accident on Thursday evening, according to sources.

Zoe Bethel, fondly called as Sozo Bethel, was a model ambassador for Turning Point USA and the Falkirk Center at Liberty University, as well as a reporter for the organization.

On Friday evening many of her fans and followers on Twitter started pouring out their heartfelt condolence to her family.




She was a former mannequin, according to sources, who was freed from her contract with the corporation when President Trump intervened on her behalf.

The experience motivated Zoe was a task mannequin and an advocate for freedom of expression and self-expression.

She served as an inspiration to young people in the United States, utilizing her current situation to remind them that freedom of speech is a basic American right guaranteed by the Constitution.

Her brainstem was severely damaged in the accident on Thursday evening, and she slipped into a coma before the sad news of her passing was made public on Friday.

The family has been devastated since the doctors declared that the injury will not be mended and so could not be fixed.

In addition, Zoe’s doctors have told her that she will not have much time left.

The family has not divulged the cause of the accident or the place where it happened at this time.

Zoe’s relatives and friends organized a fundraising event for her onย

Herย family shared the news with her followers, admirers, and the wider public via an Instagram post made on Zoe’s own account.

“We are praying for God’s will to be done, regardless of what that may look like,” the family said in the post shared on Thursday. The comment has since been removed.

According to the message, the family also asked that everyone “respect the privacy of our family during this time.” Please keep Zoe and the rest of her family in your prayers!”



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