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Video Scene Where Terence Tegg Was Killed & Murdered By Clover ‘Protesters’ At Clover



A video has surfaced online showing the scene where a security operative identified as Terance Tegg was murdered and killed by Clover strikers.

Reports from sources revealed that Terence 56 years of age who was working for Clover in Midrand was allegedly stoned by protesters as they were on their way to submit a memorandum of understanding at their place of employment.

Captain Bernard Matimulane, police spokesperson who confirmed the incident stated that three security officers whose names were not disclosed were also beaten and one has been hospitalized.

“The four security personnel came across striking employees from Fawu [Food and Allied Workers Union] and Giwusa [General Industries Workers Union of SA] at Olifantsfontein while on their way to hand over a memorandum in Boksburg,” Matimulane added.

Passengers on the buses allegedly attacked the dead and his crew members with stones, according to Matimulane. “After they disembarked, he [the victim] was beaten with an iron rod.

“Two suspects, a 33-year-old and a 47-year-old have already been apprehended after fleeing inside a neighboring building. “All specialists have been brought to the scene, and the police expect that further arrests will be made as a result of the evidence acquired,” Matimulane said.

The CMVO has subsequently posted a sympathy statement on its Facebook page, describing the occurrence as “a sad day.” Tegg was a former Recce, according to reports.

“Terence Tegg worked for 5 VK and was an operator for them […] We express our deepest condolences to his family. Thank you for your service and may you rest in peace.”

WARNING GRAPHIC VIDEO: The Scene Of The Incident


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