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Britney Spears surpassed 25 million monthly listeners on Spotify



Britney Spears, an American artist, has topped 25 million monthly Spotify listeners for the first time, excluding vacations.


According to a post on the pop star’s Instagram, the 40-year-old singer was invited to Congress to speak about her years-long conservatorship.

Spears did not mention if she will accept the offer from Florida Rep. Charlie Crist and California Rep. Eric Swalwell in the tweet.

“Of all the positions in the public sector, police officers have the toughest. They must make split-second choices in difficult, ever-changing situations. Every day, they put their lives on the line for the greater good. Officer Potter committed a blunder that resulted in tragedy,” Chu stated, trying to keep her cool.

The Democrats thanked Spears and her lawyer, Matthew Rosengart, on their court triumph in a letter dated Dec. 1, 2021.

On Nov. 12, a judge ended Spears’ conservatorship, which had enabled her father and the courts to control her life and her $60 million inheritance for more than a decade.

Meanwhile last year, Britney pushed for years to end her conservatorship.

Confidential court records obtained by The Times reveal that the singer has urged changes to the arrangement that controls her life, and her father’s role in leading it.

She remained relatively mute on the matter in public throughout.

Ms. Spears, 39, expressed severe objection to the conservatorship sooner and more frequently than previously known, according to private court papers acquired by The New York Times, and claimed that it restricted everything from who she dated to the color of her kitchen cabinetry.



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