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Viral footage shows moment a Spire on top of St Thomas Church in Wells crashed to the ground after been hit by storm Eunice



The steeple of St Thomas Church in Wells, Somerset, was struck by a tumultuous violent wind (Storm Eunice) and fell to the ground.

The moment the church Spire plummeted to the earth was recorded on video by a neighboring resident.

During a day of intense weather, record wind speeds were recorded.

Since 1857, the Grade II listed church has stood at the village’s heart.

The continuous storm is wreaking havoc on travel and causing damage across the country.

A wind speed of 122mph was reported in the Needles, Isle of Wight, earlier today.

According to the Met Office, this is the greatest wind gust ever recorded in England.

On Friday, the train sector in the United Kingdom issued a blanket ‘do not travel warning to passengers.

The Rail Delivery Group’s chief executive, Jacqueline Starr, has warned that the storm is inflicting “widespread damage.”

‘We’re advising passengers not to travel today and to request a fee-free refund or to utilize their tickets over the weekend instead.’

‘As we clean up after the storm, we’re advising folks to check before they travel.’

Meanwhile, the Millennium Dome in London has been ripped by severe winds, leaving its inside exposed.

The strong weather also blew down an inflatable sports dome at Cardiff International Sports Campus.



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