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University of KwaZulu-Natal closes its campuses due to fear of covid-19 in Howard



The University of KwaZulu-Howard Natal’s Campus has suspended classes and all routine educational activities until further notice.

On Friday, the university decided to close its Howard College campus and advised students to stay at home.

Normah Zondo, the executive director of UKZN business relations, spoke about the decision, saying it was made as big groups of people gathered at Gate 1.

“As a result, this is a preventive action to protect university employees, students, and property.”

No one will be permitted to access the campus premises until further notice, she added.

“This applies to all persons, including employees and students with valid university access permits, as well as returning and new students who would be coming into this campus for the purpose of residence.”

She recommended everyone to stay at home.

“When employees and students are able to visit and return to this campus, the university will formally notify them.”

“On this campus, only Risk Management Services and other law enforcement authorities will have access and will be present for security and to monitor the situation.”

She stated that attempts to destabilize the university were denounced.


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