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Iconic London’s O2 Arena has been torn apart by Storm Eunice (Pictures)



The O2 Arena, a popular event facility in London, was ripped apart just seconds after a severe storm hit the UK capital.

Storm Eunice devastated the structure, taking big pieces of its renowned dome off in the process.

Images show a massive hole in the tented ceiling of the music venue, with pieces of the shattered white panels floating in the Thames.

Eyewitness in Greenwich stared in disbelief as the 20,000-seater edifice collapsed.

‘The O2 arena has just torn apart,’ tweeted one individual who uploaded a video of the event on Twitter.

A piercing sound can be heard in another video as more and more of the dome flies away.

One local neighbor expressed concern that the O2 will ‘devolve into a relic of the past.’

‘It’s insane!’ she tweeted. ‘It started with a tiny piece and now there’s an entire chunk missing!’

At least four portions of the sheeted roof appear to have been completely demolished, according to images.

The building is being evacuated, according to LBC’s Matthew Thompson, who is on the site, ‘as the roof is progressively pulled away by the wind.’

A leak has resulted from the damage, with footage showing a crimson liquid spurting from what seems to pipe and covering a piece of the roof.

The O2, which debuted in 2000 as the Millennium Arena, will be closed for the remainder of the day as the impacted sections are removed.

The Fugees show scheduled for tonight has been canceled, according to a note on the venue’s website.

‘We can confirm that the tent fabric in our roof at The O2 has been damaged due to today’s poor weather conditions,’ an O2 spokeswoman stated.

‘All areas affected¬† have been cleaned, and The O2 will be closed for the remainder of the day.’ The safety of our tourists remains our first priority, and we will continue to analyze the situation and take appropriate action.’

Storm Eunice, dubbed “the deadliest storm in 30 years,” is wreaking devastation across the country.

Hundreds of thousands of people have lost electricity, and planes, trains, and ferries have been canceled, as well as roads, schools, and businesses.



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