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“ANC needs a thorough Political audit and overhaul” – Former president Thabo Mbeki



Former President Thabo Mbeki has recommended that the country’s social-democratic political party, the ANC, undergo a complete political makeover and audit.

During a meeting of party officials in Free State on Friday, he spoke on the ruling party’s rebirth and rebuilding.

The party’s membership of all card-carrying members should be examined, according to the former leader, while Mxolisi Dukwana, the ANC Free State interim provincial committee (IPC) chairperson, appears to be pushing for a complete makeover.

After years of tumultuous governance under the then-provincial chair and premier Ace Magashule, Mbeki is spending the weekend in the Free State to assist the party in rebuilding its institutions as part of a regeneration process.

Insiders in the ANC who attended the secret session on Friday near Bloemfontein indicated they backed Mbeki’s decision.

“A political audit is when you show your CV with information on when you joined the company and who brought or recruited you. Then anyone you mention must vouch for it. “In layman’s terms, we call it political vetting,” one insider explained.

People will not embellish their qualifications as a result of political screening.
An insider’s perspective on ANC involvement in the Free State.

” The previous president is well-versed in the subject. People will not overstate their qualifications, thus political vetting will help.”

Dukwana was asked in an interview with TimesLIVE what he felt it would take for the ANC to start acting on the renewal process, which has so far been simply talked about.

He said that the ANC had been infiltrated by “criminal elements,” and that the party may be compelled to restructure its entire membership and start again.

This reform, which might be part of the ANC’s next renewal commission, would assist the party to detect rogues by vetting everyone who wants to join the party.

The infiltration began when the party started on a one-million-member drive, according to Dukwana.

“I think the work of the veteran’s league [renewal commission] team dealing with the renewal process and identifying all the processes that need to be taken in terms of dealing with the real membership and making people understand,” Dukwana added.

“This even goes to the point where all of us should reconnect the ANC and go through a process of evaluation and assessment, with only those who are fit, who satisfy the ANC’s requirements, being admitted.”

However, there is a chance that this will be greeted with opposition from inside the party.

Nomvula Mokonyane, a member of the national executive committee and the head of organising, told TimesLIVE that the process would be faulty because it would be discriminatory, with some individuals selecting who should be let in and who should not.


Mokonyane’s organising team assisted the Free State to put together the event with Mbeki.

“Whatever is happening in the ANC is about the evolution of the party. There mustn’t be those who will seek to be like those who will take others before Pontius Pilate and say ‘find them guilty’. We must appreciate everybody’s contribution,” Mokonyane said.

“Everybody must play a part. We don’t need an ad hoc intervention, a process of holier than thou.”

Mokonyane said if everyone’s membership was dissolved, who would be in charge of the vetting processes of the new membership.

She said the process had to be undertaken by ANC leaders and party members.


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