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Qatar Airways lifts its travel restriction on South Africa, but asks 3 African countries wear transparent plastic visors



Qatar Airways has lifted its travel restriction on South Africa but demands that 3 African nations including South Africa must wear a transparent plastic visor without any clear reasons.

Journalist Carien du Plessis posted a photo of herself taking a selfie with her airline-provided visor this week, and mentioned a talk she had with a service member about the uncommon precaution.


The mask-and-visor restriction applies to three nations, according to Qatar Airways: South Africa, Mozambique, and Zambia. It doesn’t explain why, but it does state that visors are essential for the whole trip.

South Africa is now on the country’s green list of countries, according to the country’s ministry of public health. It also includes Mozambique and Zambia on its green list.

A request for comment from Qatar Airways was not returned.

In July 2020, the airline made face shield visors (on top of face masks) mandatory for economy-class customers. Business-class passengers were compelled to wear their face shields when boarding and disembarking the plane, but once inside their cabin, they may choose whether or not to do so.

Qatar hasn’t ever offered a convincing scientific justification for the visors’ launch, instead branding them with the tagline “Travel with Confidence.”


It cited the higher amount of room offered to each passenger above what is commonly referred to as “cattle class” as the reason for exempting business-class passengers from their usage in the air.

It was addressed social media allegations that face shields were still required by September 2021, informing customers that visors were “not required.”


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