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Ntwentle Sibiya Death: Who is Shange , Boyfriend who stabbed her girlfriend to death in Riversand revealed



Authorities were taken aback when they discovered the lifeless corpse of Ntwentle Sibiya, a 25-year-old woman who had been stabbed to death by her lover in Riversand.

Ntwentle Sibiya was stabbed numerous times to death by her abusive lover Shange at their Riversand apartment complex, according to police records.

The woman was in an abusive relationship, and her partner beat her to a pulp last month, prompting her to file a complaint against him.

Shange according to the police will be held in custody until February 22nd, when he will be given the option to petition for bail. People are furious, and they want him to be executed.

“It’s disturbing that individuals have grown so cold that they continue to play games as if nothing occurred. This shouldn’t come as a surprise if they can dismember a human being. Said @Shalishachina1


“This animal will be given privileges it does not deserve tomorrow.” The death penalty is a kind of capital punishment. This is extremely tragic, and it seems to be happening on a regular basis. “Rest in peace, her soul.” Vaneela6 opined.


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