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“No more free lunch in Tshwane” – PRASA



Prasa (South Africa’s Passenger Rail Agency) has stopped providing free meals in Tshwane.

Customers will have to pay for services rendered at the station in the future, according to a tweet made by the City of Tshwane on Thursday morning.


Meanwhile earlier this week, PRASA removed around 30 homeless individuals from rail premises in Cape Town between Woodstock and Salt River.

The operation on Tuesday, according to the agency, was effective in preventing an incursion on that part.

“To avoid future encroachment on its rail network, PRASA plans to shut down its networks. One of PRASA’s main difficulties is an encroachment on the rail system, and the agency will not allow activities that jeopardize people’s constitutional right to travel securely on our rail network “According to the agency.

The Western Cape High Court granted PRASA an extension for the lawful displacement of persons illegally occupying the agency’s land near the Langa railway lines in November last year.

The closure of the Central Line, according to PRASA, comes at a tremendous expense and inconvenience for the thousands of commuters who rely on economical train transportation to go to and from work, as well as the City of Cape Town’s economy.


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