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Breaking News: Russian forces fired missile at a kindergarten in Stanitsa Luhanska this morning (Pictures)



Russian soldiers opened fire on the settlement of Luhansk this morning, and one of the rounds hit a kindergarten where children were present at the time.

The children were not hurt, according to preliminary statistics, but two of the institution’s employees were.

Details also revealed that the Russian occupation forces used artillery to attack the village, also power lines were damaged before the JFO evacuated civilians to the shelter.

Russia stated Wednesday that following military drills, more of its soldiers were drawing back from Ukraine’s borders, according to sources.

However, US officials stated late in the day that information indicated 7,000 additional Russian forces are on their way to the Ukrainian border.

According to CBS News’ Margaret Brennan, the United States believes the timeframe for a potential strike against Ukraine has been extended by another 4-5 days, which means it may happen after the Olympics and a critical summit of world leaders in Germany this weekend.

According to one US official, a provocation might occur at any time, with military action following a few days later.

The Donbas region, according to Brennan, is one possible flashpoint. Right now, Russian propaganda is concentrating on the crimes in Donbass, which Putin has labeled genocide.

According to top administration sources, Vice President Kamala Harris will go to Munich this weekend to meet with foreign leaders, including Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz. Harris and Zelensky will be collaborating for the first time.

On a teleconference with reporters Wednesday night, a senior administration official said, “We are in a very crucial moment.” “This year, the vice president is heading the US delegation to the Munich Security Conference as a resounding statement that engagement with our partners and allies is an extremely vital aspect of our entire diplomacy and response to this crisis,” said the vice president.

On Tuesday, the US and its NATO partners reacted with skepticism to Moscow’s early assertions of a retreat, but they made it plain that all parties intended to continue talking for a solution to the impasse between East and West, with Ukraine trapped in the midst.


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