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ANC member Ace Magashule spotted eating Cow meat in public



A  video has gone viral on social media platforms, mainly Twitter, showing Ace Magashule, a senior member of the African National Congress, sitting in the back of a van and presumably eating cow meat alongside ordinary South Africans.

Some regular South Africans may be seen eating from the same plate as Ace Magashule in the video.

On the other side of the video, persons dressed entirely in white sit down and appear to be conversing with one another. Men eating on the same plate is a frequent habit in most African societies, as anyone who is familiar with them would recall.

And this custom of males eating pap and meat on the same plate has been around for a long time. Ace Magashule has just done something that most South African communities are extremely familiar with.

The footage of Ace Magashule eating comes at a time when South Africa’s political conversation has been somewhat focussed on the status of the country and Julius Malema’s appearance at the EFF against Afriforum lawsuit.

The dynamics of South African politics are evolving at a quick pace to some extent. And many South Africans are sometimes unable to keep up with the newest developments.

Similarly, Supreme Court slapped down Ace Magashule’s appeal against suspension

The Supreme Court of Appeal last week dismissed Ace Magashule’s application for leave to appeal against his suspension as ANC secretary-general. He has been suspended since May 2021 due to pending criminal procedures against him.


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