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Fans cheer American singer Billie Eilish after she stopped her concert to give her fan an inhaler



Billie Eilish, an American singer, and songwriter has stirred controversy on social media when she abruptly ended her show on Saturday, February 4, to assist a fan who appeared to be in trouble.

The singer, who is presently on the road for Happier Than Ever, The World Tour, was seen putting safety first in a video clip that leaked on social media. She was seen looking out into the audience with worry.

Before addressing her stage crew, she inquires, “Do you need an inhaler?” “Can you tell me whether we have an inhaler?” “Could we just take one?”

“It’s all right,” Eilish adds, gesturing to a concertgoer. “Give her some time,” says the narrator. “Do not overcrowd.”

Then Billie took a jab at Travis Scott, plainly intended at him, stating… The audience erupted in applause as he said, “I wait for them to be okay before I continue.”

This was in response to the fact that Travis’ November performance went on for several minutes after it was deemed a mass casualty incident, leading many to believe he was aware of what was happening.

He has categorically rejected this, claiming ignorance of the gravity of the situation.

In another fan clip, as fans cheer her on, Eilish is seen blowing a kiss and asking, “You need to come out.

or are you OK? “Are you certain?” before uttering the words “I love you.”

The incident happened during her concert at Atlanta’s State Farm Arena on Saturday, February 5.
After the horrific events at Travis Scott’s Astroworld Festival in November 2021, where 10 people died after a big throng of over 50,000 people pushed towards the stage, the threat of crowd-crush is all too real these days.

Ezra Blount, the youngest and final victim, was just nine years old when he died from his injuries after a week in a coma.

The lack of intervention from Travis or his team during the events found the rapper heavy public criticism and multiple lawsuits.



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