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Bollywood actress Lata Mangeshkar dies few days after contracting Covid-19



It is with great sadness that we report the death of popular Bollywood actress Lata Mangeshkar, who died just a few days after contracting covid-19.

Lata Mangeshkar, one of India’s music giants,  died at the age of 92. Her voice defined music and melody for decades.


She was admitted to the hospital on January 11 after contracting Covid-19, which her doctor verified, but she died on Sunday from multi-organ failure after more than 28 days in the hospital.

Ms. Mangeshkar’s voice was recorded for music in over 2,000 Indian films over her 70-year career in the music industry.

According to Reuters TV partner ANI, Dr. Pratit Samdani, who was treating her at Mumbai’s Breach Candy Hospital, she died after being hospitalized for Covid.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi posted on Twitter, “I am pained beyond words.”

The government will observe state mourning with the flag at half-mast through Monday, according to a statement from the Home Ministry. She will be given a formal funeral.

‘The sweet and kind Lata Didi has left us,’ wrote the prime minister, referring to his older sister.

‘She has left an unfillable vacuum in our country. Her lovely voice had an unrivaled power to mesmerize listeners, and future generations will remember her as a bastion of Indian culture.’

Ms. Mangeshkar began singing in her teens in pre-independence India, and during the course of her 73-year career, she sung over 15,000 songs in 36 languages.


Her charming voice and vast range charmed audiences, and she sang everything from patriotic songs to love numbers in films and albums.

Ms. Mangeshkar rose to prominence as a composer for Bollywood films. Her big break came when she recorded the movie Mahal’s hit song “Aayega Aanewala” (1949).

According to Britannica, the Nightingale went on to become the singing voice of practically every leading lady after that.


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