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Young little Rihanna look-alike spotted in South Africa (Picture)



You won’t believe your eyes till you see this little Rihanna look-alike who has many people’s jaws on the floor due to the uncanny resemblance.

People enjoy seeing photos of regular people that appear just like a world-famous superstar.

@lerato mol, a social media user, posted a photo of a young South African girl who may be Rihanna’s twin. “Rihanna has no idea she’s always had a daughter in South Africa.”

The remarkable resemblance to Rihanna elicited a strong reaction from the South African internet community.

People were taken away when they saw how much this tiny angel resembles the American superstar and they wondered whether Rihanna has kin in South Africa.

Many people tagged Rihanna in their comments, asking whether she knew this little child. Peeps are certain they are linked.


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