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Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady officially reveals his plans to retire from Football



Tom Brady, the quarterback of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in the National Football League, has announced his retirement.

Tom Brady played in the NFL for 22 years and won seven Super Bowls during that time.

He is without a doubt the most successful quarterback in the game’s history, and he will go down as the greatest player of all time when everything is said and done.

With that in mind, there were many reports over the weekend that Brady would retire from the sport entirely. Other claims followed, stating that Brady had not made such a choice and that he needed more time.

Brady finally broke his silence on the subject today, confirming all of the recent claims. Brady announced on Instagram today that he will be retiring from football and that he is officially a retired man.

Brady was very emotional in his Instagram post, thanking everyone who has helped him become the quarterback he is today. In his retirement article, he made no mention of the Patriots, which will make some supporters skeptical of his ties with Bill Belichick and the Kraft family.

According to Brady – “I’ve always thought that football is an “all-in” proposition – if you don’t put 100 percent of your effort into it, you won’t win, and success is what I love about our game,” Brady said in his essay.

“Every day presents a physical, mental, and emotional challenge that has helped me to reach my full potential.



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And for the past 22 years, I’ve given it my all. On the field or in life, there are no shortcuts to success.

I’m finding it tough to write this, but here goes: I’m not going to make that competitive commitment anymore. I’ve enjoyed my NFL career, and now it’s time to devote my time and energy to more pressing matters.”

This is a watershed moment in NFL history, and there is no doubt that Brady has forever revolutionized the game.

In retirement, I hope he finds whatever it is he is seeking for.


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